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About me

We all have a passion in life and mine has always been art. As far as I can remember art and creativity has been the biggest part of my life, I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Anything relating to art or learning new techniques sounds like heaven to me. Unfortunately, I did not have the support that I needed to pursue a career in Art. For many years, I chose not to be an artist. I did some paintings here and there but I wasn’t halfheartedly invested. Lets just say that It was a miserable time!

In 2015 I recommitted myself, I felt such a deep sense of relief. I was spending my time the way I was supposed to again. I was focused on what was important. The relief that I felt, that sense of purpose, was what it meant to be an artist. Art is about dreaming, creating, exploring our surroundings and what it means to be human.